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 macOS 13 +


Simple is a forever-free productivity application dedicated to helping people do their best work. The software eliminates digital distractions and provides essential tools for getting things done. replaces numerous productivity apps, scripts, hacks, and workarounds into a single, supported solution.

Truly Private is a notarized, native macOS application with privacy built-in. It works locally on your machine and does not send your data to the cloud. does not monitor or track your tasks or settings. Minus is not an electron app.

Distraction-Free is serious about eliminating all of the distractions that get in your way. Turn on "Desktop Environments" to instantly declutter your workspace and tune your desktop experience for greater concentration.

Single Tasking gives you a minimal UI companion named Task Bar that helps you focus on one thing at a time. It floats on your desktop in the perfect spot and displays the top task from your favorite todo manager. Task Bar helps you remember what you're working on as you switch around the Internet and desktop apps.

Focus Mode unlocks special task focusing powers within OmniFocus Pro,, and other todo managers. Simply drag your task onto the icon to experience a deeper level of focus mode. will also launch a smart timer if your original task has a time duration estimate. ⏱ ✅ 🤯

Scroll-Less helps you regain attention lost from time-consuming websites, apps, and media players. Unlike harsh 'website-only blockers' that require extra browser plugins, instead works conveniently at the OS level with all browsers.

Superkey has a "Superkey" which helps build productive habits and better outcome-based impulses. Tap once for focus. Tap again to reveal important work. Need to think for a minute? ..use Superkey.

Status Upgrade gives your Luxafor status lights extra superpowers. No more manual toggling. can detect automatically when you are focusing on work or whether you have drifted off. Get your entire team in the game with the Distraction Warnings feature.

Siren can help you stay focused right up to the last minute with the Fullscreen Calendar Notifications. Sometimes native notifications are disabled or are just not enough to grab you. When it's meeting time, will interrupt your work with the link to your next meeting. Zoom you later alligator.


Using "Quick Actions", conveniently assign a keyboard shortcut to your favorite feature. You can also access Quick Actions from the main application menu. Speed up your work-world with Minus.

Lovely Apps works with tools you already love to use. We currently integrate with: Todoist, OmniFocus Pro,, Luxafor,,, Todo.txt, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, and Applescript.

Ventura Ready is built for macOS 13 with Apple Silicon Support if available. Our Update Log has more information about new releases, changes, and fixes.

Task Bar

Your own personal attention apparatus (it's a fancy sticky note) that helps you work on one thing at a time. It will float in the perfect spot until your work is done.
  • Syncs with your favorite task manager like OmniFocus, Things, Todo.txt, and more.
  • Built-in timer and pause button.
  • Accepts manual input or dragged tasks.
  • Open the settings area to discover more.

Task Bar

Focus on one thing until it's done. Task Bar is a personal attention tool that helps you finish work. It displays your highest priority task in a small dock window and floats unobtrusively in the perfect spot helping you easily recall what you are working on until it is complete. Task Bar has a built-in timer, a pause button, fun celebration routines, and other productivity super powers.

Task Bar accepts dragged tasks from OmniFocus or it will accepts manually typed input. Task Bar can also sync directly with your task manager such as OmniFocus Pro,, Todo.txt,  and Apple Reminders.

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Desktop Environments

Minus Desktop Environments provide a distraction-free workspace for deeper concentration and personal productivity.

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Fullscreen Calendar Alerts

Keep focus and keep appointments. Using fullscreen calendar alerts, the Minus Meeting Notifier improves the pre-meeting productivity experience. Keep working until the last minute. Get to meetings on time.

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Distraction Warnings

When it's go time. The Minus Distraction Warning system will keep you on track.

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Minus Settings Area

With over 100 features the Minus Settings Area can be fined-tuned to your perfect workflow.