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Minus Pro is the missing work accessory you've been looking for.

Basic features
  • No time restriction
  • Essential features enabled
  • Some advanced features locked
Fully Unlocked
  • Includes everything
  • Enhanced Work Music
  • Customizable Superkey
  • Integration with Todoist and OmniFocus
  • Distraction Detection in all Browsers
  • More inside..
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Basic features
  • Team License
  • Training and Support
  • Custom Plugins
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Get Minus Pro free. Make your employer pay.
Minus.app Pro is a distraction-free work tool that helps people deepen personal concentration, lower stress, boost creativity, and complete meaningful work. If your company has a Digital Wellness Expense Policy Program, Minus.app Pro may already fit into this. Reach out to your POP/IT leaders with an inquiry.

Hello, I rely on a digital wellness tool named Minus.app (https://minus.app) which helps me block unnecessary distractions and improve my concentration on work projects. Minus.app is a privacy-oriented macOS app that works with our corporate task management system. Is it possible to expense the Minus.app Pro software (https://minus.app/pro)? Do we have a team code that I may use? Thank you!

If you need further assistance, we would be happy to work directly with your team to help figure it all out. Please feel free to reach out to us at (hello@minus.io).
Where do I get my Team Code link?
If your company has purchased a Business License of Minus Pro, you can upgrade to Minus Pro without a credit card. Ask your organisational leader for the private link to your Team Code. It's easy to upgrade from there. Please email support if you need additional help (support@minus.io)
What is the Enhanced Task Bar?
You can unlock all of the single-tasking powers of the Task Bar by upgrading to Minus Pro. This unique capability allows you to simply drag any task from Things.app or OmniFocus Pro directly onto the Minus.app application (Either the Application Icon or the Task Bar itself). This will help unleash your full set of concentration settings so that you can more focus more intensely on a single task.

If you wish to work on a series of tasks sequentially, you can connect Minus directly to your Task Manager and Minus will help you complete one task at a time until your list is empty. 🌴
What is a Gift License?
When you buy Minus Pro you get 2 licenses. The first license is yours to keep.

The second license can be sent to a coworker, study partner, family member, friend, or anyone. They will receive an email gift by you which gives them 1-year of Minus Pro for free (no credit card required).

Be a productivity hero and help other people regain some control like you did. Send the gift of Minus Pro to someone today 🎁.
Do I need Minus Pro?
Minus Standard is fairly well-featured, however, some of the deeper aspects of Minus.app require a Pro license. For example: If you wish to connect your 3rd Party Todo List to Minus.app, you'll need the Pro version. Inside Minus.app, there are other features also that require a Pro license. Where possible in the Minus.app UI, we have added a small 'Pro' label next to the features requiring Minus Pro. To unlock your full productivity potential we recommend the Minus Pro upgrade.
Can I purchase Minus Pro from the App Store?
No. Minus.app applies settings that break Apple's sandbox rules therefore Minus.app proper must live outside the App Store. Minus.app is however code-signed and notarized with Apple. Think different and be a trouble-maker.
How do I get Minus Pro?
The best way is to download and install Minus.app first. Then open Minus Settings >go to Miscellaneous > Pro. Click 'Upgrade to Minus Pro'. Immediately after payment, your software will be upgraded. Minus uses email-based licensing eliminating fussy serial numbers.
I already have a subscription, how do I apply my license to a new Mac?
Minus uses sign-in licensing so there are no serial numbers to remember. Open Minus Settings, go to Miscellaneous > Pro. Click 'Retrieve Subscription'. Follow the on-screen instructions for your one-time code. Your software will be immediately licensed.
How do I cancel Minus Pro?
Access the Minus Customer Portal (powered by Stripe) and follow the instructions to cancel your subscription.

Or, activate Minus.app, open Settings, go to Pro > Manage. Click 'Manage or Cancel Subscription'. This will launch the Minus Customer Portal. Follow the instructions to cancel.

Your latest payment will be fully prorated. The Minus Customer Portal will calculate a refund based on how many days you've used Minus Pro. The refund will be sent to your original credit card.
Do you offer team discounts?
Yes. Minus Business can help provide extra focus and productivity to your whole team or entire company. One of our specialists can assist you. Please get in touch anytime. Call +1 424-209-9807 or email hello@minus.io.
Does the free version of Minus have a time limit?
No. We hope Minus.app improves your work for the rest of time.


Lilly Stevens
Great app. Kills distractions cold.
Shojen Brivanyl
Minus Pro is one of the first apps I install on my new Macs. Love Minus"
Mariè Trijdraff
I found Minus and I use it when I'm stuck and nothing else works. Though I feel like I'm only using 1/2 the features..
I use Minus.app + Things.app for better overall focused work sessions. The settings seem vast but the default were about right.
Jason Thomas
The Minus system helps me finish impossible tasks 💪
Taskbar is the missing layer of my OmniFocus. Minus has been a game changer for my system.

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